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Hundreds of companies have implemented our partner Agiloft’s solutions to help automate a variety of business processes. Click one of links below to see how we can help transform Contract Management in your industry.

Industry: Sports

When Adidas announced the sale of TaylorMade to a private equity firm, the staff at TaylorMade needed to find and implement a new contract management system quickly. TaylorMade selected Agiloft and went live six weeks later. 

Industry: Digital Technology

Immersion Corporation is a groundbreaking developer and licensor of haptic technology. Immersion selected Agiloft’s solution to integrate its contract management processes with Salesforce Sales Cloud in order to accelerate its sales cycle. 

Industry: Healthcare: Biotechnology and Drugs

La Jolla, a growing pharmaceutical company that develops therapies for life-threatening diseases, began to lose track of its 2000+ contacts in its home-built system. Agiloft’s system now accurately tracks La Jolla’s contracts, issue notifications, as well as integrate with its existing Coupa Spend Management System. 

Industry: Non-profit

One of the largest child and family care organizations int he US; Boys Town, needed a way to manage contracts across three divisions with multi-layered, precise security permissions. Agiloft’s solution helped modernize this 100-year-old non-profit with a single automated and secure CLM solution

Industry: Financial and Legal

A restrictive RightNow installation was replaced by a fully integrated business process environment that includes Customer Support, Project Management, Contract Management, and Sales Automation, providing both increased functionality and cost savings.  

Industry: Semiconductor

ASM International NV, a leading supplier of semiconductor process equipment, needed a CLM system that could handle the complexities of a multinational company. Agiloft’s streamlined ASM’s global operations by automating contract selection and enhancing security with precise, layered permissions

Industry: Healthcare

Recognized at both the regional and national level, The University of Miami Health System (UHealth) is the largest medical provider in South Florida. It’s outdated CLM system needed to be replaced and after a lengthy selection processes they chose Agiloft due to its ability to provide the exact experience they were looking for at an unbeatable price point.

Industry: Education

Suffolk University implemented Agiloft to streamline their contract submission and approval process. Agiloft reduced the average time to approve and sign a contract from one week to three days. 

Industry: Government

Seattle and King County (Public Health) transitioned from their rigid legacy system to Agiloft’s CLM solution to solve their unique, multi-dimensional workflow challenges while still reducing costs.