Contract management

Built with your department in mind

For Legal

Increase productivity and centralize control with one legal technology solution

  • Enable self-service with automated exception management.
  • Build your legal playbook of pre-approved content and fall-back provisions into a dynamic clause library.
  • Automatically enforce use of most recent versions.
  • Control editing rights and lock down legal clauses to eliminate unauthorized exceptions.
  • Slash cycle times to provide the best and most efficient legal service to the business.
  • Know which legal content is slowing the closing cycle.
  • Gain visibility with reporting and analytics on the contracting process end-to-end in one legal technology solution
  • Automate your processes to run 24/7 and set SLAs to keep momentum and meet compliance requirements.
For Sales

Close sales faster while keeping your compliance team happy 

  • Complete customer contracts faster with pre-approved language and fallback provisions.
  • Automate collaboration with your team and with customers to eliminate slowdowns and deal-killing errors.
  • Manage approvals by exception with automated workflow that lets standard terms zip through. 
  • Get automatic alerts for approvals and upcoming renewals.
  • Track contract closing speed and compliance for each sales rep.
  • Easily deep search prior contracts and documentation for reference.
  • Do it all on the go with complete mobile support.
For Procurement

Save time and money with your vendors and suppliers

  • Reduce procurement cycle times while improving compliance.
  • Reduce overall RFP processing time.
  • Enforce vendor compliance.
  • Control document creation to mitigate legal risk.
  • Rapidly process additional orders based on agreed master contract.
  • Centralize contract repository for search and reporting.
  • Get better insights saving opportunities.
  • Manage vendor deliverables and obligations.
  • Integrate with your existing Procurement system.
For Finance

Reduce operating costs, mitigate risk and ensure compliance

  • Automate and enforce all required financial approvals.
  • Centralize purchase, sales, and legal contracts in one secure and auditable solution.
  • Receive real-time alerts when proposed business terms exceed preset thresholds.
  • Automate and enforce exception escalations, approval and reporting.
  • Eliminate risk of errors by controlling business term ‘tagging’ and integrating data feeds into financial systems.
  • Enforce budget compliance with greater control over the entire sales and procurement contracting process.
  • Utilize contracting data to report, analyze, control and manage across all contract types, all terms and all contracting processes.
  • Alert proactively for such things as key contract dates, “in flight” term review, compliance confirmation or renegotiation. 
  • Integrate advanced Contract Management into your existing LegalTech systems.
For Operations

Automate workflows, speed negotiation and increase productivity of business and legal operations

  • Deliver digital transformation with the most complete end-to-end Contract Lifecycle Management solution.
  • Configure, don’t code, the exact solution for your unique requirements.
  • Capture required approvals in less time using fewer resources.
  • Remove unnecessary friction between legal operations and business departments with faster processes and streamlined multi-party negotiation.
  • Centralize all contracting into one repository with deep analytics.
  • Give business and legal operations complete visibility into risks and opportunities in your contracting pipeline.
  • Leverage activity and content data to improve your contracting process.

Gain total visibility and control over your vendors & contracts 

  • Track costs across a shifting vendor set and maintaining control over new vendor approval requires robust processes and universal adoption.
  •  Know the location of your information so you can meet data sovereignty requirements.
  •  Understand your full vendor portfolio, including costs, distribution, key milestones and performance, so you can implement a coherent vendor strategy.
  • Centralize contracts, files, supplier contacts and track supplier performance, thus allowing you to collaborate with any internal or extrernal stakeholder within a single secure platform.
  • Digitize and visualize all company processes with our drag and drop workflow editor.
  • Automate your processes to run 24/7 and set SLAs to keep momentum and meet compliance requirements. 
  • Fully compliant with SAML and OAuth 2.0 SSO standards. Our solution supports both Google and Office365 SSO options. 

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